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3 Tips for Staying Healthy During Thanksgiving

Did you know the average adult consumes approximately 2,000-3,000 calories during Thanksgiving!?! Honestly, Thanksgiving is one of those holidays where we always indulge (a little too much) in all the dishes! You can definitely catch some Mac n’ cheese, candy yams, collard greens on my plate! And yes I want seconds!😆 But on a serious note, we’ve been working hard all year. Let’s not sabotage the progress we’ve made thus far! Here are 3 tips that will help you stay healthy and fit during the Thanksgiving Holiday:

Eat a Small Snack Before

It’s typical for you to starve yourself before the big meal. Let’s try something a little different this go around. Eat a small snack! Here are some snack suggestions below. 

    • Apple chips 
    • Vegetable tray 
    • Salt n’ Pepper Sweet potato fries 
    • Mixed nuts
    • Spicy Lightly Pickled Cucumbers 

Balance your Portions 

It’s hard not to indulge in your traditional family favorites. However, while doing so select a reasonable-sized portion of your favs and load up on your vegetables! 

Black Friday Workout with The Family

The day after Thanksgiving is always the hardest to get up and get active! Just because it’s the Holiday weekend doesn’t mean you have to hit pause on your workout regimen. Good news! Grab the whole family and even friends! Be Body Goals will be going LIVE via Instagram for a FREE virtual workout. Tune in with us Friday, November 27th at 10:00 AM EST. All you will need is a light set of dumbbells, mat and a bottle of water. See you there❗️

Happy Holidays! 

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