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Have you ever hit pause on your fitness program? Or ever said to yourself “I’ll start Monday?" ME TOO! Listen, keeping up with your workout routine is a struggle. However, finding the motivation to workout regularly is key to your weight loss, strength training and overall health + wellness. 

Here are some tips and tricks to help you stay motivated to stick to your fitness goals.  

Set a Goal 

Start by setting a goal for yourself. Whether it’s losing weight or gaining muscle, you must first write it down. And please, be realistic with your goals! Write down a goal that is manageable and fits your lifestyle. It’s unrealistic to deprive yourself of your favorite foods, sticking to a strict diet, or even working out too much. Here are some things you can incorporate into your daily routine to help with your fitness goals: 

  • Workout 30 minutes a day 5 times a week

  • Lift weights 2-3 days a week

  • Drink 1-2 liters of water 

  • Eat small frequent meals throughout the day

Start off slow and ease your way back into your workout routines. Note that you won’t see a change in your body overnight, so be prepared to work up to achieving your fitness goals over time. 


If you’re struggling to workout on your own try the following tips below: 

  • Hire a personal trainer

  • Join a fitness group, gym or online challenge 

  • Find a workout partner

  • Start a 7-day challenge on your apple watch with friends 

  • Start a new way of exercising whether it be bootcamp classes, running 

By keeping yourself accountable, you’re more likely to achieve your fitness goals!

Track your Progress

Start off by taking initial photos and measurements of yourself. This serves as a great reminder of where it all started; or as Drake says “Started from the bottom, now we’re here!” A progress chart, journal or fitness app is a great way to help you keep track of how you’re doing. And guess what? After reaching your goals, you can set new ones! 

No Excuses

When are we going to stop saying “I’ll start Monday” and start today! It’s time to change your mindset around working out. Think positive thoughts! Before you say to yourself, “not today,” think about the following: 

  • Working out will give you more energy 

  • You’re one workout away from a good mood 

  • Once you’re done working out you’ll have more time throughout your day to be productive 

  • You’re one step closer to reaching your goals 

Reward yourself

Reward yourself for meeting your diet, exercise and healthy lifestyle goals. It’s so important to celebrate the small wins! It’s a constant reminder that you can do this. Rewarding yourself brings you a sense of accomplishment which thus gives you the confidence you need to keep going! Here are some ideas for celebrating your monthly goals: 

  • Buy a new pair of athletic shoes

  • Plan a getaway weekend 

  • Buy new workout clothes (preferably a Be Body Goals set 😉)

  • Get a new pair of headphones

  • Have a cheat day 

  • Get a massage

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  • Aaliyiah Washington on

    I Definitely needed to read this, very motivational I love it☺️❤️

  • I Definitely needed to read this, Very motivational I love it☺️❤️ on

    I Definitely needed to read this, Very motivational I love it☺️❤️

  • Jasmine Grimes on

    Great to review! Bbg me please! 😊✊🏾

  • Reta on

    So glad I came across your page. I hit pause on my workout regimen once I exceeded my goal and then the nice weather hit. Now I’m trying to get back into it and am stumbling a bit. This was a great reminder and motivation. Ty

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    All facts! Thanks for sharing this awesome information!

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